How Dry Eye Management Affects Getting LASIK

Having LASIK eye surgery comes with an increased risk of having dry eyes afterwards. This surgery involves cutting nerves in your corneas, which can result in a lower amount of tear production. If you have dry eyes already, you might still be able to have this procedure done, but you will most likely need to take steps to manage this condition beforehand. Find out more about dry eye management and LASIK in Cumming.

LASIK Consultations

In order to determine if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK, you will need to have a consultation with an eye surgeon. If you have dry eyes, you might need to use nonprescription or prescription eye drops to relieve dryness. In some cases, your eye surgeon might recommend punctal plugs or other procedures for treating this condition. Even when patients do not have dry eyes, eye surgeons sometimes recommend using nonprescription eyedrops and taking other steps to reduce the risk of dryness after surgery.

Preparing for LASIK with Dry Eyes

You should follow your eye surgeon’s recommendations for treating dry eyes before your procedure. Keep in mind that some eye surgeons also recommend taking fish oil or flaxseed oil in the weeks leading up to LASIK. These supplements help ensure that you have healthy tears that do not dry up too quickly, which reduces the risk of dry eyes. You should also make sure that you drink plenty of water to help your eyes well-hydrated before and after surgery.

LASIK and Severe Dry Eyes

Patients with mild dry eyes that can be effectively managed are generally still considered suitable candidates for LASIK. However, if you have a severe case of dry eyes or if other factors make it difficult to manage this condition, eye surgeons might recommend a different procedure. For example, some eye surgeons recommend photorefractive keratectomy (PKR) instead of LASIK, since this procedure does not require creating a flap on the surface of your eyes.

If need more information on dry eye management and LASIK, please contact Lake Lanier Eye Care in Cumming to make an appointment.

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